Youth and work transitions in changing social landscapes


Helena Helve and Karen Evans

This book is about the changing constellations of risk and opportunity that young people face in transitions from school to work. Researchers here have considered how social, psychological, economic and cultural factors affect young people’s attempts to control their lives, respond to opportunities and manage the consequences of their choices, in the context of global, social and economic changes in labour markets. The book draws on recent research into youth work transitions, wellbeing, employment, and career interventions, based on the international cooperation of youth researchers. International in its scope and including a range of disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, methodological and theoretical perspectives, it combines case studies from Europe with studies from the USA, Canada, South Africa, the Caribbean, India, Japan, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, all examining the structural forces that affect the choices young people are able to make. The book offers researchers and practitioners new perspectives on current approaches that focus on the wellbeing of young people beyond education and work settings.


Introduction, Karen Evans and Helena Helve
Perspectives on employment transitions and wellbeing changes during economic recession
School to work transitions and wellbeing in a changing labour market, John Bynner
The assumption of adult roles in the U.K., the U.S.A., and Finland: Antecedents and associated levels of well-being and health, Ingrid Schoon and John Schulenberg
Finnish young adults’ financial well-being in times of uncertainty, Mette Ranta
‘Agency vs. structure’: A view of youth unemployment during the current recession in Finland, Jaana Lähteenmaa
Biographical negotiations from youth to adulthood
Trajectories from youth to adulthood: Choice and structure for young people before and during recession, Rosalind Edwards and Susie Weller
Inventing adulthoods: Young people growing up in Northern Ireland, Sheena McGrellis and Janet Holland
Regional identities future expectations and work values, Arseniy Svynarenko
From higher education to working life: Work values of young Finns in changing labour markets, Helena Helve
New career aspirations, life chances and risks
Youth transitions and wellbeing: The impact of austerity on black youths living in urban ‘black neighbourhoods’, Tracey Reynolds
Academic burnout and engagement from adolescence to young adulthood, Katariina Salmela-Aro
Gender differences in achievement and social strategies, areas of work life, and burnout at the early career stage, Hely Innanen and Katariina Salmela-Aro
The role of school engagement in young people’s career development and mental well-being: Findings from two British cohorts, Helen Cheng and Ingrid Schoon
‘Activating events’ in adult learners’ lives: Understanding learning and life changes through a retrospective lens, Karen Evans and Edmund Waite
Wider international perspectives on youth, working life and wellbeing
Young adulthood in Australia and New Zealand: Pathways to belonging, Johanna Wyn
‘Ring of fire or a puff of (commentators’) smoke?’: Youth, unemployment and transitions in Gauteng, South Africa, David Everatt
School to work transition and youth views on labour in Japan, Tomokazu Makino
Russian youth in the labour market: Education, employment, work transitions and well-being, Julia Zubok
School to work transition in India, Vinod Chandra
The importance of resources in work transitions in late-modern contexts, James Côté

paperback            ISBN             1872767583
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