Youth and Social Capital

edited by
Helena Helve and John Bynner

Social capital arising from social networks based on trust has been traditionally seen as the property of adults from which the younger generation gain benefit. Far less attention has been given to the production of social capital among young people themselves, in making the transition from dependent child to independent adult. Through findings from research groups in Finland and England, this book fills the gap by examining how young people develop and use social capital in different contexts at school and outside, in cementing friendships, in developing identity, in smoothing the passage through education and from school to work, and in resisting coercion into pre-designated adult roles. As part of the developing field of youth studies, the book will be of much interest to academics and policy makers and practitioners working with young people.

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Youth and social capital: Introduction,
Helena Helve and John Bynner

Inventing adulthoods: Making the most of what you have,
Janet Holland

Social and cultural capital meets youth research: A critical approach,
Tarja Tolonen

Putnam’s pink umbrella? Transgressing melancholic social capital,
Namita Chakrabarty and John Preston

Youth and the provision of resources,
James Côté

Judged by the company we keep: Friendships networks, social capital and ethnic identity of Caribbean young people in Britain,
Tracey Reynolds

Religious identity based social networks as facilitators of teenagers’ social capital: A case study on Adventist families in Finland,
Arniika Kuusisto

Social capital and minority identity,
Helena Helve

Managing the move to secondary school: The significance of children’s social capital,
Susie Weller

Adolescents’ and young adults’ goal-related social ties,
Katariina Salmela-Aro

Education and juvenile crime: Understanding the links and measuring the effects,
Ricardo Sabates

Social networks in education,
Jari-Erik Nurmi

Social capital and social integration of young adults in changing times,
Ingrid Schoon

From newcomer to insider? Social networks and socialisation into working life,
Markku Jokisaari

Social capital and young people,
Tom Schuller

Leisure life, identity and social capital,
John Bynner,



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