Equity and education in cold climates

in Sweden and England

edited by

Dennis Beach and Alan Dyson

This book addresses policies, practices and outcomes related to education equity in Sweden and England examining particularly the apparent inability of education reforms to deal with inequalities in the these countries. It focuses critically on a number of themes including:  educational inequality and policy intervention; the conceptual and empirical links between education equity and poverty; issues of identity and transition for young people; and governance and school leadership in relation to social inclusion and equity. Authors highly experienced in their respective fields consider these important questions, reflecting on serious challenges to traditional notions of justice and equity. The chapters are largely based on qualitative empirical and policy research. This book is a product of collaboration between the Centre for Equity in Education at the University of Manchester Institute of Education and the Department of Education and Special Education Equity Group at Gothenburg University in Sweden.


Equity and education in cold climates: An introduction
Dennis Beach and Alan Dyson

Exploring the relationship between equality, equity and social justice in education
Kirstin Kerr and Carlo Raffo

Concepts of equity in Swedish society and education: Historical perspectives
Girma Berhanu

Contemporary Swedish society and education: Inequities and challenges
Girma Berhanu

English society and education: Historical and contemporary inequalities and challenges
Kirstin Kerr

Researching equity and inequity: The voices of marginalised people
Inger C. Berndtsson

Formation of fundamental values in the Swedish education system—a discursive analysis of policy texts
Inger Assarson, Ingela Andreasson, Lisbeth Ohlsson

Using inquiry to shed light on and respond to inequities identified within a network of English high schools
Sue Goldrick

Constructions of student identity in talk and text: A focus on special educational needs in Sweden and England
Ines Alves, Ingela Andreasson, Yvonne Karlsson, and Susie Miles

Consequences of differentiated policies and teaching practices in the Swedish school system
Joanna Giota and Ingemar Emanuelsson

Extending the role of the school: A case study
Harriet Rowley

Independent state-funded schools and system change: Addressing educational equity?
Maija Salokangas, Christopher Chapman, Dennis Beach

Equity and education in England and Sweden: Tentative conclusions
Dennis Beach and Alan Dyson

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ISBN-13             978-1872767246

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