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Coping with Illicit Drug Use

Robert Power

How do drug users cope with a lifestyle which has at its core the need to obtain and consume an illicit product? This book describes the lifestyles of injecting drug users and the strategies they adopt in their everyday lives to reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases.
Rich descriptions and accounts from drug users derived from a qualitative research project provide an insight into how drug users control their usage and the effects it has on their daily lives and routines. The book identifies how drug users' informal coping strategies can be utilised to enhance a healthier and safer lifestyle.
Practice notes are provided for those working with drug users which use the research findings to suggest ways in which community-based interventions can be further developed and made more effective.

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Syringe exchange in England - an overview

Martin C. Donoghoe, Gerry V. Stimson, and Kate A. Dolan

Syringe-exchange is a facility where drug injectors can obtain sterile needles and syringes and return used injecting equipment. England's syringe-exchange experiment officially began in 1987 and was a bold and, at that time, controversial response to rising levels of HIV infection in the United States and to the potential threat of similar epidemics in the United Kingdom. Since then it has been subject to close critical scrutiny and probably the most intensive monitoring of any service for drug users in the UK.
It is a strategy which goes beyond the straightforward exchange of sterile injecting equipment for "dirty works". The agencies involved provide a wide range of other equipment and services. It is an HIV prevention strategy intended to help drug injectors change their behaviour to reduce their risk of HIV infection and the risk to others.
This report describes what has been learnt about the successes and limitations of syringe-exchange and considers its usefulness as an HIV prevention strategy. It draws on research conducted by the Monitoring Research Group between 1987 and 1990.

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an evaluation of an innovative model
of HIV outreach health education

Rhodes, T., Holland, J., & Hartnoll, R.

A major challenge facing HIV prevention services is how to reach and respond to the 'hard-to-reach'. How do services assess and provide for the HIV and health care of hard-to-reach sex workers and drug users. How effective is outreach health education in achieving these aims? Can statutory and voluntary sector responses to outreach and community-based service provision be combined?

Hard to Reach or Out of Reach? describes a three year process evaluation which combined qualitative ethnographic and quantitative methods to assess an innovative model of HIV outreach intervention for sex workers and drug users in central London. The evaluation discusses the current and future role of outreach in the prevention of HIV, focusing on issues of health promotion, service delivery and management functioning.

Hard to Reach or Out of Reach? is of interest to health educators, health practitioners and social science researchers in the fields of health,
HIV/AIDS and drugs.

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