Cultural practices and transitions in education

Tarja Tolonen, Tarja Palmu, Sirpa Lappalainen and Tuuli Kurki

This is an important collection of texts taking a critical perspective on the politics and practices of education. Authors from different disciplines, countries and cultures focus on equality and social justice. From starting points in cultural and feminist studies they analyse how differences and marginalities are constructed in different educational contexts. The themes of the book – methodology, citizenship, transitions, girlhood and equality – are explored and illustrated using empirical examples from Nordic countries, the UK and USA. These chapters are inspired by the work of Tuula Gordon and Elina Lahelma who have for many years pursued and promoted critical ethnography and research into issues of gender, equality and transitions, and to whom the volume is dedicated.

The book will be of interest and value for students, teachers, researchers and others interested in questions of equality and social justice in education.

Tarja Palmu and Sirpa Lappalainen
1 Collaborative reflections on collective ethnography
Anne-Lise Arnesen
2 The gaze in the classroom: Marginalisation with a focus on objectification and reciprocity
Sanna Aaltonen and Päivi Honkatukia
3 Interviewing young people in institutional contexts – methodological reflections
Thomas S. Popkewitz
4 Cosmopolitanism, making the nation and the citizen as a salvation theme of turn of the 20th century pedagogy
Dennis Beach, Lisbeth Lundahl and Elisabet Öhrn
5 Spaces for influence
Katri Komulainen, Hannu Räty, Maija Korhonen, Päivi Siivonen, Riitta Kärkkäinen and Kati Kasanen
6 Changing discourses of employability: From the meritocratic to the enterprise discourse of abilities? A review of the current and emerging research on abilities
Janet Holland and Rachel Thomson
7 The expansion of higher education in the UK: Winners and losers
Sinikka Aapola-Kari
8 Fast-track youth and education – exploring meanings of adulthood and gender
Tarja Tolonen
9 Classed and gendered meanings of marginalisation in young people’s transitions
Beverley Skeggs
10 Value and values: Injustice, investment, judgement and caring
Mary Jane Kehily
11 All sexed up? Reflections on researching girls, sexuality and active girlhood
Elina Paju
12 Buttons, zippers and dresses: Constructing agency in day care
Seija Keskitalo-Foley
13 Strawberry ice cream and other episodes: Tracing spaces for feminist agency during life transitions
Kirsti Lempiäinen
14 The interconnections between academic class, gender and agency in higher education
Liisa Tainio
15 Gender in Finnish school textbooks for basic education
Jukka Lehtonen
16 Gender awareness in research on teacher education in Finland
Kristiina Brunila
17 Words that matter: Revisiting equality work in education
Tarja Tolonen, Tarja Palmu, Sirpa Lappalainen and Tuuli Kurki

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